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Commitment to Quality

There are loads of t-shirts out there these days. There are a number of things that separate us from many of the others. We have a commitment to quality that originates with the principles of social responsibility and sustainability.

Social Responsibility

All of the shirts we currently offer are made entirely in the USA. Our blanks are provided by American Apparel and are made by people earning a living wage or better. Many of the other tees you may find online or at retail stores are produced in China or other developing countries where it is difficult to ensure that working conditions are fair and ethical. Having good paying jobs stay in the US is helps to support local communities and we intend to support that as much as possible. Our printing is done by local craftspeople and artists with extensive experience with screen printing and the processes required to produce high-quality work.


Social Responsibility and Sustainability go hand-in-hand. Buying domestically produced goods mean that less fuel, water, and other resources are required to make the things we offer. We also choose minimal packaging that reduces weight and fuel consumption in delivering our tees to you. We also seek out materials (t-shirt blanks, inks, etc.) that are produced in environmental responsible ways.

Being committed to these principles doesn’t come cheap but to do anything less would be doing our customers, ourselves, and our community a disservice. We’re off to a good start with our commitments to social responsibility and sustainability and we are also intent on improving as we grow. If you have any thoughts or insights on ways that we can improve on any of these issues, please let us know in the comments!